Fore Hatch found!

Fore hatch happy ending - on Monday Graeme collected the replacement Contessa 26
fore hatch from a nice chap Ed Hounsell, as Graeme said "it shows how helpful Contessa 26 owners are to one another". The hatch is now in place, albeit under a tarpaulin and held down with strategically placed ropes.

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CO26 now eligable for Cowes Classic week

As the CO26 design date is 1965, the Contessa 26 is now eligible for Cowes Classics Week 20-24 July 2015, although as a class we have organised its half- centenary around the launch of the first production boat and will celebrate in 2016.

There is a great social programme around the racing and more details of Cowes Classic Week can be found here Cowes Classic Week

Graeme needs your help!

Graeme Walker fellow member of the CO26 Association is looking for an old dustbin lid style fore hatch for his Contessa 26, can you help him, do you have one in the darkest depths of your shed or garage?

If so Graeme needs to hear from you, contact details click the link to go to boats and bits for sale or wanted.

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Contessa 26 50th anniversary book

Contessa 26 50th anniversary book - Association Past and Present Appendix

We are producing an Appendix for the Book which will list all Association members
and allow for a short description of their boat and achievements.  You do not have to still own the boat to respond.
The response from our previous email has not been very great so this is the last call if you want to get a mention.
Please let me have any submissions by the end of the month; they should not be too long no more than three of four lines. Email them to me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy New Year to you all