RYYC prize winners

RYYC Prizegiving 2010

October brought with it the end of the sailing season and the end of season prize giving dinner at the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club. Held for the first time in the new dining room, the Co26 fleet was well represented and left with an impressive collection of silverware.

CO26 wins Vernon Dawson Trophy

Contessa 26 wins 2010 Vernon Dawson Trophy Race

The Vernon Dawson Trophy is an annual competition between Scarborough Yacht Club and Whitby Yacht Club, which this year started at Scarborough and finished at Whitby. Joining the mainly much bigger, newer & faster yachts from those two clubs was Contessa Juliet, a Contessa 26 sailed by Jeff Preece & his crew from the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club.

Season round up

RYYC Contessa 26 Class prizes 2008 season


  • Adelaide Cup Spring Series Tessa
  • Commodore's Cup Summer Series Tessador
  • WB Hall  Autumn Series Tessa
  • Intrepid Cup Coastal Series Tessa
  • 1928 Bridlington Corporation No.1Cup Most starts Tessa
  • Rob Roy Silver Tankardc 3rd in overall season True Blue
  • Dixon Johnson Cup 2nd in overall season Tessador
  • Ingleby Rose Bowl 1st in overall season Tessa
  • Avalon Cup nos 1 1st in the coastal series Tessa

A special presentation to be made by the Contessa 26 Class Association by class secretary for winning boat in the Regatta made to Contessa Juliet.

Boats leave the fleet

Changes at RYYC fleet.

Contessina is moving/moved South for 2009 to be based at the Elephant Boatyard, a question mark hangs over Red Admiral, will she be off to the blue yonder in 2009, a little bird hinted it would be the Cape Verde islands for 2009? Tessa may be moving too,  the debate over new rules has now ruled out her feathering prop, despite it being ruled in at the 2007 AGM. Will the new arrivals to the fleet be such keen racers, Tessa won the prize for the most starts in 2008, which may have accounted for her success, you have to be on the start line to win!

New arrivals include Daisy Dog, and one other as yet to be named boat...  so that leaves 9 again... 3 in 3 out or does it?

RYYC season update

The Season is progressing well, with 10 boats in the water and at least 6 racing regularly.

The spring series was won by Tessa, with True Blue 2nd and Contessa Juliet 3rd.

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