CO26 wins Vernon Dawson Trophy

Contessa 26 wins 2010 Vernon Dawson Trophy Race

The Vernon Dawson Trophy is an annual competition between Scarborough Yacht Club and Whitby Yacht Club, which this year started at Scarborough and finished at Whitby. Joining the mainly much bigger, newer & faster yachts from those two clubs was Contessa Juliet, a Contessa 26 sailed by Jeff Preece & his crew from the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club.

The following is a précis of Whitby's race report, including the final paragraph in full.

With light airs and Scarborough Castle casting a large wind shadow, Troika (SJ320) led the fleet away from the start, followed by Samaki (Starlight 30) and Icon, this group soon being joined by No Compromise (another SJ320), Ace and Wizard. With the fleet splitting into offshore and inshore groups, and Troika retiring with a terminal spinnaker wrap, the inshore boats mainly had the best of the breeze, with No Compromise leading the fleet as they neared Whitby.

No Compromise rounded the Bell Buoy to head in to the finish line and she crossed the line 25 minutes before the next group as the fleet came in thick and fast as the wind finally filled in. However, it would be the handicapper that would sort out the results. The winner came from way down the fleet and was the sole representative of the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club from Bridlington in a yacht of 1960s vintage, Contessa Juliet. Always nice to see the underdog win !

Phil Leach