New Contessa 26 race on Medway

Just to let you know we are definitely planning to hold an "Invitation Race" for Contessa 26s at Hoo Ness YC on 23rd May. This will be a relatively low-key affair consisting of a 2 hour pursuit race from Chatham down the Medway to Stangate Creek where we will have a picnic lunch rafted up at anchor. The race will be shared with our club racing fleet and some multihulls. There is no entry fee and just a bottle wine for the winning Contessa 26. The the Notice of Race is below.

We used to have an active fleet of racing Contessa 26s and now have 3 in the club (Simona, Dulali and Birgitta) but we are aware of several others based on the Medway: Contessa of Mell, Kazbek, Misty, Kintyre and others. I will attempt to contact the owners directly or though the Medway Yachting Association. Several nostalgic former Co26 owners in our club have also volunteered to help.

We hope that if the event is successful we can refine it and run it annually.

Best regards Tony Lavelle (Contessa 26 Dulali)

Rear Commodore Hoo Ness YC


Notice of Race
Hoo Ness Yacht Club

Invitation Contessa 26 Race

Sunday 23 May 2010
HW Chatham 09:20

Hoo Ness YC is based at Hoo on the River Medway and several Contessa 26s race in the club's mixed cruiser racing fleet.  This race is intended for Contessa 26s based on the Medway. The race will be run in the club format, which is suited to cruisers and intended only for friendly competition. There will be no trophies, just a bottle of wine for the overall winner. There is no entry charge. Participants compete at own risk and boats must have adequate third party insurance.

Start:        11:00 Hoo Ness YC line, just west of Hoo Island
Finish:     13:00 then proceed to Stangate Creek for lunch

This will be a 2 hour pursuit race and will include the HNYC racing fleet and a fleet of multihulls. Boats start at different times depending on their Byron rating, which is similar to PY. Non-HNYC boats will be given a rating and start time. The boat in front at the finish time is the winner, and so on.

Full sailing instructions will be issued and there will be a briefing at 10:30 by VHF on Channel 77. Races will be managed by an Officer on the Water. Start will be by VHF and communication by VHF.

There is no protest process. The Medway is a busy river with commercial shipping and fleets of dinghies. Competitors need to take this into account.

Contact Tony Lavelle (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 07868 710988) to register your interest and receive more detailed information nearer the time.