Sundowner wins RIR 2011

Congratulations to Nick Rogers,  Jo Hutchinson and the crew on Sundowner CO 1228 on their fantastic achievement in testing conditions to win the coveted Gold Roman Bowl.

Congratulations too to the other Contessa 26s that finished in IRC class Jiminey Cricket - Mike and Barbara Harrison 43rd overall and Tessa Paul Wells 69th overall.

As Fiona Rogers said yesterday. " So 3 Contessa 26s in the top 69 out 1908 starters, and one of them the overall winner of the Gold Roman Bowl was a staggering success for the class! If you want to win, race in a Contessa 26!" (congrats to Jeremy and Fiona coming 23rd overall in their new 32 - Calypso).

 Congratulations to all those Contessa 26s in the ISCRC class, especially  to Contessina - David and Carol Armstrong who finished 62nd overall in ISCRC,  Withy was 368th, Nimue 420th overall in ISCRC.

14 CO 26s entered the race,  4 in the IRC class and 10 in the ISCRC class, commiserations to those CO26s that entered but had to retire for various reasons. There is always next year, 30th June 2012 make it a date now! 

For loads of fantastic, news, pictures, videos, race blog and tracking replays of the race click on the official site RIR 2011