North Sea Rally update

The first Contessa 26 North Sea Rally took place over the weekend of 29 and 30 July on the Isslemeer, North Holland and despite some pretty awful wind and weather conditions was considered a great success. The wind took its toll with some of the uk boats declining the trip over just before the event.

Peter and Caroline Hooper sailed Trinco over in one hit from the Crouch, in some very bumpy conditions and Kevin and Mo Thornton in Queen Esther achieved Rotterdam from the Medway but got caught up there with the weather etc. Three Netherlands boats took part,  and class secretary Mike Harrison travelled over and visited the Rally.
Rob Kolster who many of us met at the 50th Anniversary Rally last year did a marvellous job in organising an interesting and varied programme with plenty of sailing and some lovely shoreside eating venues, the sailing culminating with an interesting race.
Following its success a repeat North Sea rally is being planned for 2019, likely to be held on the Suffolk rivers.
A full report of the event will appear in the winter / spring news letter."