50th Anniversary celebrations - bookings open

Friday 29th July to Sunday 31st July 2016

Our ambition is to celebrate our 50th birthday with 50 Contessa 26 yachts lined up on Lymington River, with owners, crew and friends enjoying a full social schedule and time on the water cruising in company.

The first 50 boats to register for the event will receive a limited edition anniversary plaque.


The Destination, Lymington River, Hampshire, Dan Bran Pontoon

All moorings are subsidised by the Contessa 26 Association.

How to Register Complete the form on the back of the flyer (download the attachment to this article).

The Social Agenda

  • Friday 29th BBQ at the Fisherman’s Rest in Lymington.
  • Saturday 30th Formal dinner at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club in Lymington.
  • Sunday 31st Lunch in Yarmouth at the newly refurbished King’s Head Pub.

The Sailing Agenda

  • Friday 29th Arrival at the Dan Bran Pontoon.
  • Saturday 30th A gentle cruise in company over lunch towards Hurst Castle.
  • Sunday 31st A set course at a leisurely pace finishing in Yarmouth Harbour.

We also have copies of the 50th Anniversary book entitled “Contessa 26 – The First 50 Years” available.

This event is open to all past and present owners of Contessa 26s and friends and promises to be a special and memorable weekend.