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3 years 9 months ago #940 by constant
constant created the topic: How much mast rake is too much?
I've nearly got Constant set up for the season. I have however noticed that her mast rake seems somewhat excessive. Measuring it exactly is tricky but my best efforts suggest it's somewhere between 3 and 5 degrees (my best estimate being 3.5 degrees.)

Would anyone care to comment on whether they think this too much?

I should mention that Constant has a Facnor SD200 furling arrangement but the forestay appears to be cut rather long. As a result there is no scope to shorten it's effective length using the bottlescrew at its foot.

For now the rig will have to stay as it is, and I anticipate I'll experience some, perhaps an excessive amount, of weather helm, but in the longer term perhaps I should think about finding a way of rducing the rake to the 1-2 degrees mentioned elsewere on this site?

Again I'd be grateful for any comments on this matter.


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3 years 7 months ago #952 by Shamaal
Shamaal replied the topic: How much mast rake is too much?
I felt that Shamaal's mast was a little over raked. I used a particularly unscientific method of measurement - looking at her mast through a forest of others while in a marina, so I can't give you any numbers! I removed a convenient extra toggle at the foot of the roller furler , and added a couple to the backstays. Her rake is now average for a mast head rig. She's a little more responsive, and has a little less weather helm, but enough for her to head up positively if let go of the tiller. I'm pleased with the result particularly as I was quite happy with her handling before I changed the rake.

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3 years 7 months ago #953 by constant
constant replied the topic: How much mast rake is too much?
Glad to hear its not just me that's noticed this issue; if indeed it is an issue. I found measuring the angle to be tricky. I used the topping lift to suspend the largest wrench I had to hand. The results I got depended upon where I stood on the deck. If the angle is 3 degrees with me standing just forward of the mast then with two in the cockpit it will be considerably more I imagine. Putting extra ballast in the bows is a possibility. Perhaps if I had an all chain rode and installed a couple of water tanks in the forecabin things would different.

So I haven't yet observed any great problems with weather helm, in light to moderate winds at least, but the ability to point a little higher is always useful.

When I get around to replacing the forestay, I think I'll get it shortened and then add a bottle screw or something to give me a
range of adjustment.


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