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Hi everyone,

Has anyone you know taken their RYA yachtmaster exam using a Contessa 26? I ask because according to a strict reading of the
notes on the RYA pages only qualifying seatime gained on vessels of between 7m LWL and 24m LOA (sic) is counted. This rule appears to particularly disadvantage Co26 owners due to our short LWL. A more modern style of yacht (with LWL=LOA) passing this test could be as little as 23' LOA and quite possibly be much less seaworthy.

Do members of the forum have any views/experience on this matter? Is the rule rigorously enforced? Is it what the RYA intended?

The only get-out that I can see is that qualifying sea time is subject to the note that:

"1 At least 50 per cent of qualifying mileage must be completed on this size of vessel"

which suggests that 50% need not and one could therefore count time on other people's boats towards the 400 miles traveled (easy to arrange) and 1 day as skipper (possible to arrange) What is not clear however whether the 15 days of experience required refers to 15 entire 24 hour days or just parts of 15 days.

Confusingly lower down the page it says that:

"The boat used must be between 7m (23ft) and 24m (78ft) LOA"

does this refer to the boat being used for the exam only or what?

Does anyone have any ideas/experience on these matters? Perhaps we have a yacht master examiner on this board or someone who knows someone who is one?

Before any one suggests it let me point out that when I first noticed these rules, earlier this year, I decided to email the RYA with these concerns and was told simply that the rules were "as stated on the web site."

Best regards

Rick Peterson (Constant/Grimsby)

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