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  • Moves to ban DIY use of antifoul

    Do you anti foul your own boat then you should read on and take the survey or risk big brother forcing you to pay a professional to do the work.

    There is a concern that authorities may decide to restrict the application and use of antifouling (AF) paints to strictly professional applicators and organisations, due to the concerns over the hazards related to these paints. This would mean that the common current practice of boat-owners applying AF paints to their vessels (the ‘DIY’ market) would no longer be permitted.The main objectives for this survey are:-

    (i)         to raise awareness amongst the boat-owning community regarding this issue
    (ii)        to determine the current practice related to anti-fouling paint use by the DIY market
    (iii)       to determine the awareness of users to the hazards of AF paint, and  emphasize the importance of using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    (iv)      to provide an indication as to the impact on AF paint sales, boat maintenance costs and leisure boat ownership, if such a restriction becomes law

    To take part in the survey click the link below

    anti-foul survey