New service from J Rogers

Selling your Contessa 26 is always a wrench but in these hard times it is made even more difficult as buyers try to drive down prices. Using the Associations proven web site to sell your boat will help keep brokerage fees low, but how can you make your boat stand out from the crowd? Well Jeremy Rogers organisation might just have the answer, the pre sale MOT!  

I asked JR what they proposed to include in the "MOT" and what would it cost?  He said "we would get the boat hauled, valeted, and it would include a brief surveyor's report (rather than a full and more expensive one) together with advice on further essential work before returning the boat to the water." What would it cost?  "around £1K including VAT but we will quote when we see the state of the boat." said Jeremy.

Fiona Rogers said "We we get a lot of potential purchasers coming to us telling us how disappointed they have been in the state of a particular boat that they have travelled a considerable distance to view. More often than not it was the awful smell and lack of cleanliness which puts them off! That's easily put right! However a survey supplied by the vendor would encourage a sale and save everyone a lot of time too."

Sounds like a good idea, so why not let JR "MOT" your boat to get it in tip top shape ready for buyers to snap up?

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