Buying Tips

Points to look for when considering a second hand Contessa 26

Pre 1972 boats

Had a lower cockpit which was not self draining.   The only way to get over this is to have a cockpit cover or an expensive and difficult modification.


If the boat already has a Beta or a Yanmar engine this is a real plus point.   If it still has a Vire engine (petrol) it really needs replacing.


Check the hull moisture levels

If the hull has not been epoxy treated already it probably should be done


Check the condition

 Gas installation

The gas installation has to be changed to drain over the stern

 Standing rigging

Should be replaced if more than 10 years old


If the windows are leaking they should either be serviced and refitted with new plastic inner linings or replaced with new windows and inner linings fitted

Rudder bearings

Rudder and rudder fittings should be checked

Look at the general condition of the boat and it is always advisable to have a survey before purchasing