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Contessa 26


We are able to offer a limited number of spares for the
Contessa 26.   We are adding to the list all the time and if there is an item that you need do enquire if it is something we can produce.

Compass    £POA

Engine beds for Beta £POA

Cockpit cave locker mouldings £POA    

New Gas locker moulding £165.00
Gas drain fittings £40.00
Deck inspection hatch £28.00
Hatch conversion moulding (forehatch and skylight) £POA
Forward Gebo hatch     500 x 500 mm    £POA
Skylight Gebo hatch  500 x 370 mm    £POA

Laminated tiller - varnished    £POA    

Laminated tiller – unvarnished £POA

Rudder £POA (includes lower pin but excludes gudgeons)

Gudgeons - brass (each) £POA

Stemhead fitting £POA

Forestay fitting (tang) £POA

The yard is able to undertake repairs please ask for a quote

Any prices listed are net and VAT at the current rate must be added.

Prices subject to change without notice

November 2006